Chairman’s Statement

I am grateful to the confidence and respect of each shareholder that has provided me with this opportunity to be the Chairman of the Board for China Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation. On behalf of the Group and the Board, I want to thank all investors for their care and support.

In recent years, the international and domestic economic situations have experienced sweeping changes. The global economic recovery continues to slow down in the face of many uncertainties and lower-than-expected growth rates. China's economic development has fully entered a "new normal" phase. As downward pressure on economic growth increases, short-term or structural factors may bring risks to business operations. However, opportunity often goes hand-in-hand with risk, while China’s economic development goes through restructuring and transformation and new industrial policies will create huge investment needs. To start off with is the reboot of the nuclear power programme, the Chinese government has promised that carbon emission will peak around 2030. Energy conservation, low-carbon economy and clean energy development have become more persistent common requirements.

The energy industry has become an emerging strategic industry for the nation with vast potential for development. There is also a high degree of integration between the capital markets and the nuclear power industry, so financial services will become a new area of potential development.

“Take Advantage of Opportunity, Ride on Momentum”. Growth of an enterprise comes from how it can benefit from accurately grasping opportunities from the current economic environment and follow closely with development trends. We have therefore updated the Group's investment strategy to meet the current challenges while identifying future development prospects. We will build a sustainable business development strategy, taking effective and efficient measures and approaches to allocate resources to markets with business scale, operational capability and competitive advantage, and create robust and sustainable return for investors.

Looking ahead, the Group will uphold a forward-looking corporate mission with a new business philosophy encompassing “integrity, professionalism, astuteness, pioneering, innovation, respect”. We will actively develop our new energy business using advanced scientific and technological achievements to drive the development of the industry. Together as one, hand in hand, through mutual learning and mutual exchange, we will bring clean energy to society and jointly write a new chapter in sustainable development. We will continue in our commitment to employees, to create a happy working environment, and promote all-around employee development.

I believe that with the resilient efforts from the Board and the support of our shareholders, CNE Tech Corp is beginning on a new journey to a brighter future.

Mr. Zhao Yixin